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Wedding Cake Toppers

Make your cake sparkle with our gorgeous selection of Cake Toppers! Whether you opt for an understated Brushed Cake Topper or the fabulously popular Swarovski Crystal Cake Topper, these dessert accessories will light up your reception and can make a beautiful keepsake for you to display in your home!

Swarovski Crystal Monogrammed Wedding Cake Topper - Fully Embellished
Monogram Swarovski Crystal Cake Topper
Swarovski Crystal Monogrammed Wedding Cake Topper
Personalized Wood Cake Topper
Floral Monogrammed Swarovski Crystal Cake Topper - Fully Decorated
Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers
Swarovski Crystal Wedding Cake Topper Picks
Floral Decor Monogrammed Swarovski Crystal Cake Topper
Contemporary Brushed Silver Cake Monogram
Beach Bride and Groom Porcelain Cake Topper
Porcelain Snowflake Wedding Cake Topper
Starfish Wedding Cake Topper
Hearts United In Love - White Wedding Cake Topper
Custom Religious Cross Cake Topper
Personalized Cake Topper Display Shadow Box
Classic Wedding Cake Stand
Floral Accent Wedding Cake Stand

Wedding Cake Toppers

Most brides have a vision for every single detail of their wedding day. Some of them have been dreaming of the day since they were little girls. The dress, the location, the music, the flowers, the cake, all of these have been pictured in her mind for years right down to the wedding cake topper. I have noticed a trend away from the more traditional wedding cake toppers lately. Some brides are even choosing to fore-go a cake topper entirely in lieu of beautiful fresh flowers gracing that top layer which had previously been graced by a tiny bride and groom or some other traditional choice. Regardless of what choice is made, a wedding cake topper of some sort adorns every wedding cake.

Though not as common a choice as in the past, bride and groom wedding cake toppers are still a quite popular choice. The choices in this category are wide and varied. In addition to the more traditional bride and groom wedding cake toppers, there are theme oriented styles, Disney princess and prince themes, Precious Moments couples, glamorous Hollywood couple styles, and elegant porcelain designs. There are even some wedding cake topper couples in more casual fun styles. If a bride and groom wedding cake topper is decided on, the endless possibilities will ensure that any bride can get the cake topper of her dreams.

For those who want their wedding cake topper sans bride and groom, there is also a wide variety of choices both traditional and modern. Doves have often been chosen to grace the top of the wedding cake along with butterflies, and even the occasional frogs. Hearts and bells have also been used in designing wedding cake toppers. Blown glass wedding cake toppers have become quite popular with the modern bride as well. Blown glass Cinderella style carriages or heart designs are some of the most popular.

Religious wedding cake toppers have also become popular for many brides and grooms. Blown glass crosses, porcelain crosses personalized with the names of the happy couple and the date, and also small porcelain bibles also engraved are some of the more popular choices.

Here at Gracious Bridal we offer a unique variety of Wedding Cake Toppers. The most interesting trend that seems to be taking hold is monogrammed wedding cake toppers. Brides can choose from many styles and types including brushed silver or Swarovski crystal initials. These particular wedding cake toppers make beautiful keepsakes for the bride and groom that can be displayed year round. The most popular choice seems to be the elegant sparkle of Swarovski crystal wedding cake toppers.

Wedding cake toppers are also available in many unique styles and shapes. Picture cube toppers have become a popular way to utilize photos of the happy couple and look beautiful atop the cake with fresh flowers gracing the top of the cube. Acrylic toppers personalized with name and date makes a nice keepsake for the bride and groom. Some other unique wedding cake toppers I have seen include miniature castles, snowflakes, seashell themed designs, and crystal sprays.

Wedding cake toppers are and should be the personal choice of the bride and groom. Though you may be tempted to purchase one as a gift for the bridal shower, only do so if you know without a doubt which one the bride has chosen.

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